Monday, 23 January 2012

Time to slow down!

Time to slow down!!

With a slow cooker that is.  I had a large piece of silverside beef in the freezer and wanted to make it for supper on Sunday night.  Because I was showing my products (My Secret Kitchen – at Woolmer Green Farmers Market on Sunday morning I wanted to get the dinner underway and cooking whilst I was out.

I defrosted the beef, rolled it in Lemon & Chipotle Sea Salt from My Secret Kitchen and browned it on all sides.  I put it in the slow cooker with about 3 Tbs water, put on the lid and went off for the morning.  I got home, tested the meat and left it cooking for the rest of the afternoon.  The beauty of the slow cooker is that you can just get on with your day and have a lovely result when you are ready.

When I got a minute I par boiled some potatoes and parsnips and put them into the oven with a little sunflower oil (on my Pampered Chef stoneware – and when they were roasted to perfection served them with the beef (which just fell apart and all the great taste was preserved) and some sliced runner beans that were in the freezer from my father-in-law’s summer garden.  An effortless meal that was absolutely delicious. Result!! 

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  1. We have a lovely kitchen gadget that is slow-cooker, rice-boiler and vegetable-steamer all in one (not simultaneously of course). The slow-cooking method certainly produces some very tender meat. I actually like some veg cooked in along with the meat - especially potatoes. And the gravy? To-die-for, as they say.