Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Black Glass Touch Range - Russell Hobbs

I have been very lucky being associated with Russell Hobbs products and have been sent some great things to try and to write about.

Recently I received their new Black Glass Touch range of kettle and toaster and I must say their timing couldn't have been better.

Last year our toaster broke and I had taken great care chosing it so now that it was broken and I wanted to replace it,  I found out that the model was no longer available.  Being rather spoilt I wasn't going to have a toaster if it wasn't the one I really wanted and managed to convince Mr R to use the grill instead.  I am not really a great fan of toast so it was not entirely a hardship for me to use the grill now and again!!

Following on this theme our kettle started to leak after years of service making my much loved cup of coffee at all hours of the day!  Funny enough it was a really old Russell Hobbs that had been passed down to me about 6 years ago so it was ready to retire anyway.

I couldn't have been more pleased to be sent the new Black Glass Touch range toaster and kettle from Russell Hobbs through their PR agency Cirkle  to use and let you all know how we got on.

For starters the outside is sleek and shiny (hence the name Black Glass Touch) easily operated by buttons on the front which are lit up in blue circles once you touch the panel to activate. There are several different temperatures to choose from.  The rationale is that you need rapidly boiling water for tea but if you use boiling water for coffee you risk spoiling the oils present in the drink and ending up with a bitter tasting brew.  In this instance you simply select a lower temperature on the display panel.  The lights flash and when they stop flashing the appliance has reached the selected temperature. The lights go out and the appliance goes to sleep if it is not used after a reasonable period of time.

I would mention, however, that the sensor which opens the lid when you press the button on the top is not very sensitive.  Sometimes I give up and release the lid with my finger but aside from that we have been very pleased with the new addition to the kitchen!
Mr R squeeled with delight when he saw the Black Glass Touch toaster (to me it was simply an appliance to make bread hot!).

Again you have the sleek lines and shiny exterior and loads more blue lights which flash as the time is decreasing until the toast is ready and when it is done.  There is enough room for two slices of bread or three crumpets and the area is quite wide so you can use quite thick bread.  Mr R found the next thickness of bead after 'thick' which was called 'doorstop' and was in his own little toastie world! There is really not a lot else one can say about kettles and toasters - they make things hot!

Which means I am off to attack the ironing pile now.  Did I mention my new Russell and Hobbs iron? No, well come back another time to hear all about that!!

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