Saturday, 11 August 2012

Charbonnel et Walker - Blogger Event

Last Thursday night I attended a blogger event at Carbonnel et Walker's Old Bond Street store.  Lovely to step into an air conditioned environment but the evening got better and better.  We were offered a glass of sparkling rose and a white chocolate truffel as we arrived.

A quick history of Charbonnel and Walker established in 1875 by Madame Charbonnel and Mrs Walker was given to us by the store manager including royal mistress rumours concerning the then Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Mme Charbonnel!

Mme Charbonnel used only fine, dark chocolate couverture which resulted in the finest texture giving an absolute silky smoothness on the palate.  This tradition is continued today with supreme quality achieved by using only the finest ingredients.  All their chocolates are hand finished and the truffles are hand rolled still.

Press clippings and photos from a bygone age
The drink was flowing and we were offered as many of these lovely beauties as we wanted, as well as white chocolate truffles and beautiful offerings from behind the cabinet.

Chocolate inside and out!
Dark chocolate with violet centres
Truffles along with two sumptious chocolate cakes (one dark and one white chocolate), peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies and chocolate inspired cupcakes.

Eating my cupcake once I got home with a coffee!
A yummy cocktail served in jam jars (very 'in' at the moment) and a goodie bag to take home completed the evening's immersion in chocolate heaven.

White rum with coconut and pineapple juice cocktail
You can visit Charbonnel et Walker on Twitter , Facebook  or buy online


  1. Lovely write up and nice to meet you at the event. I had the cupcake for breakfast the next day :)

  2. Great coverage of the event! It was a lovely evening. x