Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Cocktails from Aldi

I do like a glass of rum (or two!!) especially when I am on holiday but here is an excuse to drink some at home.  Aldi sent me a lovely hamper full of drinks and chocolate (well, it is Easter after all!) and some recipes for creating cocktails and also suggestions to enjoy some great drinks with our Easter food.

The hamper had goodies such as cider which would go perfectly with pork over the Easter holiday. Use to help deglaze the roasting tin if you are having roast pork or add to a pork and apple casserole.  The Orchard Cider is priced in store at £0.99 each.

Or a Sparkling Chardonnay wich would pair really well with a roast chicken or small roast turkey for this Spring holiday. The Sparkling Cardonnay is available in store for £6.99.

I decided to try the recipe that came with the hamper which used both the dark run and the white rum and coconut to make what I called the 'Easter Bunny'.  I got all the ingredients together and put Mr R on standby ready to taste an Easter treat.

This was a very simple concoction.  I grated some white chocolate and dark chocolate on seperate places to sprinkle on top and I also used the dark chocolate gratings to rim the glasses.

This cocktail was quite dangerous! It tasted lovely but was quite strong however went down far too quickly!

The Hopking Dark Rum costs £9.99 and the Cocobay Caribbean White Rum & Coconut Blend is £4.99 in most branches of Aldi.

There was also a bottle of Pinot Noir red wine to drink with a lovely leg of roast lamb this Easter or in fact any time.

What will you be eating and drinking this Easter? Please leave a comment below.

I received the hamper of Easter treats from Aldi but I did not receive any payment to write this post.  All opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Perfect way to cerebrate Easter

  2. What a lovely hamper to enjoy over the Easter break! I'm already a fan of Aldi pinot noir, and the odd rum cocktail! Happy holidays :-)

    1. I especially enjoyed the White Rabbit cocktail withthe rum!

  3. Happy Easter Heidi. I'm NOT drinking this weekend, or at least not today...but I'd have loved a hamper like that!

    1. Thanks Fiona, the hamper is great and will ease a hard day or two!

  4. Happy Easter Heidi! Have a lovely time and enjoy this lovely hamper ;)