Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Play time with the kids with Asda.

Asda asked me to have a look at a couple of their range of fun mixes and who better than my panel of experts to help me!

I enlisted the help of Miss Lizzie (age 6), BoyG (age 5) and BabyG (age 2) who just happed to be my three grandchildren.  We were all together because it was BabyG's 2nd birthday last month.
You have not had true fun till you have watched three wide eyed children push sticks into marshmallows, decorate them till they looked like sheep and pigs (well sort of looked like them) and seen their faces shine!
And the best bit as far as they were concerned was eating them, both during the making and after!
Such concentration!
The finished masterpieces!! Can you tell which were the sheep and which were the pigs?
After we finished making the marshmallow friends we proceded to make some lemon cupcakes.  BabyG got bored and could be heard walking around the living room saying "Xbox on! Xbox on!" to no effect!

The two cuties shared putting the cake cases into the holders.
Mixing the cupcakes,
And the best part - licking the bowl!!
BoyG doesn't like icing so we decided not to ice the cup cakes. I was going to take a photo of the finished cup cakes but they didn't last long enough!!
I usually make cakes and cup cakes from scratch but if you need something quick to take their minds off something by all means grab an Asda cake mix.
I did not receive any payment to try these mixes and as usual all opinions and photos are my own.

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