Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Look, Touch Taste - the latest in salt and pepper grinders.

Look, Touch Taste –finum salt & pepper grinder

A pet hate of mine is having a salt and or pepper grinder in the cupboard or on the side and when you pick it up to use it, it leaves behind some of the spice!

The new slightly alien looking grinder from finum is the answer to my prayers.  It has a clear plastic cover for the base which can stop the debris or can be used to store up some of the salt or pepper until you want to put it into whatever you are preparing.
It is curvy and easy to hold with a glossy body that comes in pink, white, black, red, apple green and transparent/black.  It is easy to direct the grind where you want it although most of the time you just want it in the pot or saucepan!
You can adjust the grind easily from coarse to fine and it is easy to pull apart for filling and cleaning.
The finum grinder has won the Interior Innovation Award for 2014 and Good Design Award and is going to fit into your kitchen with its colour range and quirky shape.

A great tree present this Christmas with a RRP of £24.95. Click for stockists and to follow on Twitter and/or Facebook.FB/ictcCookware - /finumstyle

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  1. That looks like a nice set of salt and pepper grinders.Great christmas presents for foodies.

  2. i need a new s&p grinder. liking the idea of coarse and fine as others tend to be one size only :/

    1. It keeps the counter top clean too, one of my pet hates is s&p dust!

  3. It's a funny little alien on the kitchen counter!

  4. ooh very funky. I could see a pair of those in my new home!

  5. That sounds really good Heidi. I'm fed up with a trail of black pepper all over my cupboards.