Friday, 30 January 2015

Sweet and Easy Sweet Potatoes

We love sweet potatoes in our house and the fact that they are so good for you is an extra bonus.  We eat the whole thing, rarely peeling as most of the goodness is in the skin.

I like to cook them very simply and not to over complicate things.

I often put a tablespoon of oil in a bowl of thinly sliced sweet potatoes and cook in our air fryer until they are crispy.

Another favourite is simply to cut them into wedges and roast in the oven with a small amount of sunflower oil rubbed in and a drizzle of maple syrup.  They roast in an oven at 180oC for about 40 minutes until a knife goes easily into them.

I am entering this into Eat Your Veg by Citrus Spice which I have guest hosted this month.

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