Friday, 13 March 2015

Crowne Plaza Hotel - London Heathrow - Chill out before you fly out!

I hate early morning runs to the airport to check in and then wait around a couple of hours for your flight!  I would much rather stay at a hotel nearby the airport, get up at a more sensible time, HAVE breakfast then make my way to the airport (usually there is some short of transport available).  To this end I booked into the Crowne Plaza - London Heathrow the night before my flight to visit my sister in North Carolina recently.  The hotel has free Wifi and a selection of places to eat and drink.
I think I now know how it feels like to be a celebrity! When we walked up to the reception desk we were greeted like a returning friend. The receptionist said the Duty Manager would like to welcome us personally, phoned him and he came down to offer his services if we needed anything. (I was travelling on my own however Mr R had driven me to the hotel, was staying for something to eat and then going home).
We went up to my room (I was given an upgrade to the lounge floor and access to the lounge - I think this was because I joined their reward program earlier). We had a quick drink in the lounge then went down to the restaurant for dinner. We could have had a selection of nibbles and canapes however we didn't want to spoil our appetites for dinner!
The main restaurant, Orwells, is situated on the ground floor and is warm and inviting but not in your face! I liked that it had an open kitchen.
We both had the same starter, although often we try to pick different items to get as wide an experience as possible however the scallops were sounding too inviting!
The scallops were sitting on a bed of minty pea puree with a stalk of mini pea shoots.  The scallops were seared perfectly, moist and tender not tough.  It is very easy to overcook scallops and these were perfect!
I ordered the 10oz Rib Eye steak.  I usually have my steaks cooked medium rare but it is suggested to have your rib eye cooked medium which I do, The nature of rib eye steak has a bit more fat and benefits from that little more cooking to ensure it is tender, juicy and has a fantastic taste.  This one didn't dissapoint!
I liked the fact that the steaks were served on their own with a garnish with the simplicity making them even more appetising.  I sometimes find the plates filled with the chips or jacket potato and others such as onion rings, tomatoes, mushrooms makes the plate look too full and you almost feel full just looking at it!

Mr R is a rare steak man and he chose the 12oz Sirloin on the Bone.  A sirloin (as I am sure you know) is one side of a T Bone steak and leaving the meat on the bone ensures you get all the lovely beefy flavour.
The steaks came with a sauce on the side - I like my on the side then I can taste it first and put on the plate if I like it.  I had the Bernaise sauce, lovely and creamy and Mr R had the Bacon and Stilton sauce.  They were both delicious with the steak but also doubled as the best creamy salad dressings as well!
We were full and satisfied but not that overstuffed feeling and had enough room for pudding.  I almost always have Tarte Tatin if it is an option.
I also predicted Mr R would have the Stick Toffee Pudding and I was right! Not hard really because he will usually have this if on the menu!
In the morning I had my continental breakfast in the Lounge upstairs but could have gone down to the main restaurant for the full cooked breakfast.  Following checkout I took the Hoppa Bus to the airport terminal which took about 8 minutes door to door and runs every 20 minutes throughout the day.

We are planning another trip this year and next year we have a wedding in the States to attend and will  will certainly be having another overnight stay at The Crowne Plaza - London Heathrow.  You can also arrange a 'Stay-n-Park' with the hotel, leving your car whilst you are away with easy retrieval upon return.

Many thanks to The Crowne Plaza - London Heathrow for their hospitality. I was a paying guest of the hotel but was treated to the meal in the restaurant.  I was not paid to review the restaurant or the hotel nor to write a positive review.  As usual all opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Those scallops, oh those scallops. Glad you enjoyed your stay.

    1. the scallops were cooked to perfection!

  2. It's so much more civilised to stay near the airport. Lovely to be able to have a lovely dinner with Mr R before going off too. The steaks look delicious. GG

    1. I hate getting up early so always stay at the airport if possible.

  3. Great option for those not at a sensible travel distance from Heathrow to stay close by instead of making a mad dash and reaching exhausted - I would hate that, the place sounds good and the steak looks fab ! - Manjiri - sliceoffme

    1. We stay at Gatwick hotel as well when we go to the Caribbean