Thursday, 30 July 2015

Grenada: True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

As I previously mentioned the first three nights of my trip to Grenada was spent at the Blue Horizons Resort. On our fourth day we moved to stay at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.  Here we would remain for the rest of our visit to Grenada.

We had gotten a glimpse of the resort the day we went snorkeling as the Dive Centre is located on the True Blue Bay Resort premises however we were not envisaging such a warm welcome upon our arrival.  The owners Russ and Magdalena Fielden were there to greet us and make the check-in procedure go as smoothly as possible.  We were taken to our rooms and jaws dropped.  We were staying in one of their Villas at the back and quieter end of the resort.

We entered on the ground floor to a lovely bedroom and stylish bathroom. We were then shown upstairs.  I just wanted to move in there forever, it was the perfect place to spend the next week and a half and I never wanted to leave. 
As we had entered the villa there was a small infinity pool and beach mainly for the villas but of course open to all guests.  There was another large pool on the premises that we never got around to using it being so content to step out of our door across the sand and into the pool!

The view from our private balcony. I could sit there all day and really all night with a cold glass of rum punch and gaze out across the bay!
The resort has a bar which serves great food all day and is called the Doggy Dock! Sitting in the comfortable seating area and around the bar and this would be your average view, it didn't really change much!
Walking around True Blue Bay Resort we were always coming upon cute little vistas including these cheeky fellows! If one little pig went to market and one little pig stayed home these three little pigs went to Grenada and stayed there!!
True Blue Bay is child friendly with a fun play spot in a shady part which encourages the little ones to get out of the direct sunshine for a while.
It seems that every where you turn there are endless blue skies!
Each time we passed this tree on the boardwalk to the restaurant I just wanted to stop, take a deep breath and stand for one quiet moment!
Step around another corner, at the back of the well stocked little boutique and you will see these cute guys, I named them the True Blue Band!
There is a little micro brewery on the premises who made a special chocolate beer for the Grenada Chocolate Festival.
Didn't see this guy for several days even though we walked past him several times!
Everywhere you look at True Blue Bay is another surprise piece of art!
In 2004 Hurricane Ivan swept through the Caribbean and left devastation in it's wake.  A lasting reminder is a piece of wood that 'Ivan' lodged into the side of a building on the site and stays there as a reminder.
All this plus a great restaurant with Head Chef Gary at the controls churns out superb food, The Doggy
Dock bar and pizza restaurant, Esther and Omega - a great character duo make you a fresh personalised omelet for breakfast each morning and have a little cooking lesson once a week, a well stocked boutique with a range of clothes perfect for the sunshine and warm weather, friendly and welcoming staff and still there is time for Magdalena to run the Grenada Chocolate Festival!

The Grenada Chocolate Festival was the main reason for our visit to Grenada.  I will be telling you all about it in a post coming soon!  Keep looking out for it.

I was a guest of the True Blue Bay Resort as part of a Grenada Tourist Authority trip.  All opinions and photos are my own.  


  1. The place looks perfect for a nice vacation.. Thanks for sharing the info and pics.. Hopefully we will have an opportunity of visiting this lovely place.

  2. What a beautiful and amazing place this was. It sounds heavenly, looks like paradise and you are right I would want to move in there too.

    1. I could sit on that balcony for ever gazing at the true blue bay!

  3. Ooh gosh the hurricane. Poor Granada. What a fab place to stay though and I love the arty figures everywhere.

    1. They don't usually get hurricanes but 2004 was quite an exception!

  4. This looks a fabulous place to stay, peaceful and luxurious. GG

    1. You could certainly shut yourself off from the world in Grenada!