Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Travel Tip 1: Clear Glasses Cases

An idea I picked up for keeping small, essential things in your suitcase or hand luggage when flying.

Mr R and I were handed some clear plastic spectacle cases one Saturday when we were going into the town. The following Saturday we were handed a couple more. 

I hate throwing stuff away and with a flight to The States coming up I wondered what I could use to keep some things together and also how could I use the glasses cases?

They are perfect for holding leads, battery packs, makeup, keeping your prescription pills in one place and so much more.
The cases are easy to push inside shoes or trainers
and there is still room for a couple of pairs of socks.
Of course they don't need to be clear but this makes it so much easier to see what is inside.  I always have one or two in my hand luggage (charging leads, battery pack and sunglasses) with several others in the suitcase.

I will be posting more travel tips. Please comment below what is your favourite.

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