Thursday, 14 April 2016

Travel Tip 5 - Coconut Oil

I have mentioned before how versatile coconut oil is and I wanted to devote a whole post to telling you how I use it in my daily routine.

I only buy good quality, organic coconut oil from a reputable supplier, usually VitaCoco especially as it is for consumption.

Coconut oil is solid in its container but with a little warmth soon becomes liquid.  I use it to stir-fry vegetables.  You don't get a strong coconut taste.  It can take a higher heat and is loaded with anti-oxidants.  In a stir-fry just pop a spoon full into your frying pan and it will soon melt as the pan heats up.
For use in cakes you just heat briefly in the microwave and measure and use as you would any oil.

To keep my dog's coat shiny and help his joints I warm up a teaspoon and pour it on his food. He loves the taste and this encourages him to eat as otherwise he can be a fussy eater!

However this is a predominately travel series and this is where I really love and use coconut oil the most. 
I found out a few years ago that I am allergic to conventional deodorants and was told coconut oil made a great deodorant.  I have been using it for a couple of years and couldn't go back now.  I put some in my hands and warm it up before just spreading it lightly under my arm pits.  To stop any tacky feeling I then dust with baby powder or un-perfumed talc and away I go.  There is no sticky residue and a shower leaves you clean and ready to start the day again.
My fitbit causes me to occasionally get some eczema on my wrist so at night I just massage some coconut oil into the affected area and in the morning the skin has had a chance to heal and ready to put the fitbit back on.

I had a red itchy patch on my leg for ages and often gave in and used a cortisone cream but when I stopped using that the redness and itchiness would come back. Since I have been using coconut oil (again using the warmth of my hands to melt the solid oil) that patch of irritation has gone away and stays away for quite a long time.

For a face cream - day cream I put a small amount between my hands, let it warm up and massage into my face paying attention to my neck and jaw area. 
Be careful not to get any in your eyes though.  I couldn't use this if you smelled like a coconut all day however as soon as the oil is massaged into the skin there is no discernible coconut smell residue.

I have a separate jar of coconut oil in the bedroom and one in the kitchen to avoid cross contamination. I also have a small plastic jar of coconut oil in my handbag to use as a lip balm or if I get any dry patches during the day.

Coconut oil offers some SPF protection although I still use a recognised sun protection lotion with a quite high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) if I am in the sun for a prolonged time or on holiday.

Although I have known about coconut oil and its benefits for a very long time and it took me a while to get on board with it I really couldn't imagine my daily beauty routine without it.  PS it is also a lot less expensive than many of the recognised face and body lotions, most of which contain alcohol which helps to dry out your skin, making you need more product and so the circle continues.

You can get coconut oil in most supermarkets and health food stores in the UK and the USA and I always look for Organic on the label too. 

Hope you try it and get on with it. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the coconut oil craze!


  1. My mil swears by coconut oil and she puts it in her hair as it is cooling to the scalp and encourages hair growth.

    1. The list is really long of its uses but for travel it is outstanding!

  2. Very interesting! I use coconut oil in the kitchen, but had no idea it could serve as a deodorant!

    1. Oh it is good for so many things - I keep discovering new ones all the time.

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