Thursday, 16 June 2016

Harvester Restaurant Review - Perfect Family Meal Out

Even the most intrepid foodie has to have some down time.  Sometimes on a Friday night, when I am too tired to cook, Mr R will suggest we pop into our local Harvester Restaurant for some chicken or ribs and salad bar. Mr R will often have a steak and salad.

I was asked to review a Harvester with The Little People recently to highlight how perfectly suited Harvesters are for a family meal out.  If you don't want to have loads of children around when you eat there it is better to go a bit later in the evening however from late afternoon to early evening it is a perfect spot to eat out with the children.

When my children were little we used to go to places like Harvester so that they could get used to eating out and behaving in a restaurant environment which I believe had a positive impact on their social eating out skills.  Mr R and I like to treat the grandchildren to Harvester from time to time for that very same reason.

Upon arrival you are taken to your table and the little ones given a goodie bag with crayons and a nice colouring booklet and a packet of sunflower seeds to take home and plant.
The boys didn't see me write their names on the bags and thought it really cool that the restaurant had known their names!
The children's meals are easy for the child to pick their own favourites with lots of scope for smaller appetites or fussy eaters.
And of course every meal comes with a trip to the salad bar.  'Big' is quite able to help himself at the salad bar - it is lovely to see him pick healthy choices, his own salad dressing and sprinkle of seeds or bacon bits on top.  He gets a kick of being a 'grown-up' and helping himself.
'Small' still needs help but loves to hold his salad bowl himself and makes his own decisions as to what may be placed in the bowl.
The Harvester we visited is situated in the Roaring Meg Retail Park in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. The decor was clean and modern with signs giving loads of information.
With the children settled down and eating their supper us adults were free to tuck into ours.  They do fantastic rack of ribs and I had sweet potato fries instead of regular ones.  When they first arrived the fries were cold.  Our waiter quickly brought us new really hot ones and took the cold ones away.
We received great service, the food was good and most importantly the Little People had a great time and we went home ready to have baths and bed as soon as they were home!

Many thanks to Harvester at the Roaring Meg Retail Park.  We were given a voucher towards our meal. As always all opinions are my own as well as the photos.


  1. I have not been to a harvester for many years , reading your post has made me realise how much it has changed so I think we will be making a trip there pretty soon.

    1. I love their salad bar and the blue cheese dressing!!!

  2. Those ribs look delicious.. and also the salad bar is loaded with fresh salads

    1. I love the salad dressings - blue cheese and honey & mustard are my favourites

  3. I've never been to the harvester before as there isn't one in Bristol, but sounds like a wonderful place to go for a meal out with the kids! And the food looks very delicious too!

  4. They are great places to take the little ones, they look after them and the food is very child friendly