Saturday, 2 July 2016

June: Bits-n-Bobs Review

I get sent a lot of products each month for review and each month I like to bring you a selection.

1. Cadbury have two new large bars out, great for sharing but of course perfect to eat by yourself! The two new flavours are 'Toffee Whole Nut' and 'Oreo Crunch'. Both available in most shops and supermarkets.
Mr R was very keen to get this one unwrapped!
Nice little squares for sharing ...... Who are you kidding no one would share this bar!
Oops and it's gone!! Mr R has put in an order for more of these next time I am shopping!!
2. Schwartz Grill Mates - Just add beef mince(ground beef) and shape into burgers 
then either grill or cook on the BBQ and you will have a fantastic and flavorsome burger.  The Grill mates come in two varieties - American Smokehouse and Classic Steakhouse.
Each packet is enough to make four large burgers when added to 450gm of beef mince.

3. HECK Vegetarian Sausages - If you are having a get together or gathering you don't want to leave out the vegetarians now do you.  Heck have a new range of vegetarian sausages and sent me some of them to try.

The double cheese 'sausages' tasted really cheesy however I pan fried them instead of grilling because I couldn't read the instructions on the pack. The light yellow outside packaging was written with white letters and really quite small which made it nearly impossible to read indoors.
The goat's cheese burgers would be welcomed by anyone loving goat's cheese however that is not me.  At least the packaging could be read!

The little green balls are a great way to get your 'super greens'!

4. Book Review - Mason Jar Nation by Joann Mosser, published by Quarto Books Group.
Mason jars have always been around in my lifetime. When I was younger people that we knew would grow their own produce and "put up" their gluts of things like peaches, beans, and sweetcorn relish. Every garage or shed had Mason jars full of nails and various screws.
As transport improved bringing fresh food to every village and town as well as the surge of home freezers the popularity of these jars seemed to dwindle.

However today there has been a surge in their popularity due initially to the move to make homemade jams and chutneys and  crafty and creative folk have found a plethora of uses for them as well as the obvious.

There are 50 great projects in this book but two of the projects in the book that caught my eye are Tabletop Mason Jar Water Fountain and
Tiki Torch Jar.
These are just a few thing I get sent to review.  There will be more next month.  Stay tuned and keep your eyes out to see what's on the menu for July.

I was sent a selection of goods to review.  I was not paid nor was I required to write positive reviews. All opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Awww love Mr R. Need to try those Heck sausages too.

  2. I see you are part of Mr R's fan club! Cheers Jac.

  3. Mr R is really enjoying that bar of chocolate did he share???