Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentine's Day -Who gets your heart?

Yes, I am a big softie when it comes to Valentine's Day - I like to make everything heart shaped and if possible red!

Mr R's sandwiches will be heart shaped along with the fillings where possible as well as having his dinner served in a shape as close to a heart as possible!

Mr  R and I will also have steak on Valentine's Day as is our tradition as well as a very nice bottle of red wine.  To accompany the steak will be a salad and heart shaped pasta with butter, Parmesan and parsley.
Don't tell Mr R but I have got him some Maille mustard to go with the steak as his Valentine's present.  We love the seasonal choice of mustard poured from a hand pump in the Piccadilly boutique. This season it is a black truffle and cep mushroom mustard. So delicate with an incredible flavour.
I used to make my children a large, pink heart shaped sponge cake to take to school on Valentine's Day each year however they are now grown up with children of their own.  This year my daughter and her boys will be at my house so I decided to make them their own little cakes as well as have a few other heart surprises for them.

Heck sausages have a special edition heart shaped sausage for the special day! It is their usual sausage but specially shaped for the occasion.  The sausages are made in small batches for better flavour and contain 97% pork which doesn't leave much room for other ingredients!
Mr R will enjoy his heart sausages along with heart toast.

Oh yes the sausages come with a Valentine's message inside too.
Rococo Chocolates have a beautiful range of special chocolates for the heart lovers out there.  Rococo's chocolates are outstanding and perfect for any occasion however the special occasions are really, really lovely.

Rococo have sent me two of their limited edition range this year. Their chocolate can be bought in their shops or on-line.
If you really want to treat your special one Nespresso have the cutest little coffee pod coffee maker - the Inissia which is totally portable.
The machine comes in a range of colours but the red is particularly appropriate for Valentine's Day!
I love taking ours with us when we go away for a weekend.  We are able to have a proper cup of coffee wherever we go!
These are just a couple of highlights in our house this Valentine's Day.  Did you get an extra special gift or did you surprise your Valentine?  Please leave a comment below.

I was sent some of the items mentioned above but not all of them.  As usual all opinions and photographs are my own.

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