Saturday, 23 June 2012

BBC GoodFood Show - Guest Post - Woof, Bark, Sniff-Sniff!

Bark, Bark, Sniff, woof woof - Oh sorry I forgot I have to tell you this in English!  My name is Jonty and my human (Heidi) went to the BBC GoodFood Show last week.  She was very keen sighted (I show her how to spot things sometimes) and she found the Laughing Dog stand.

Laughing Dog dog food is made without wheat, soya or dairy products (all of these can upset my tummy) and no artificial colours or flavours either ( you should see some of the treats I got for Christmas last year, they were bright green, red and yellow - I bet they were not natural colours!) All their products are actually baked in an oven so they retain more of the goodness and none of the delicious taste is lost.

Now let me tell you that I am quite a fussy eater so I wasn't really expecting to like the treats that Heidi brought home for me (I usually don't and they get given to the local hedgehogs when the humans are sick of seeing them in the kitchen).

But these products were yummy scrummy.  My friend George, originally from Madeira, came over and we tried them together. 

First we tried the Oven Baked Dental Oaties with Parsley and Eucalyptus oil.  We loved these so much we kept looking in the grass for crumbs!!  The natural cellulose fibre helps to promote a smooth cleaning of our teeth and help to remove plaque too.

Next we tried the Oven Baked Cheesy Oaties with Lincolnshire Cheese and Broccoli (I love both cheese and broccoli so I was pretty sure I would like these).  These too help keep our teeth plaque free.  The final thing we tested was the natural complete food.  Initially I thought these were just pieces or cardboard I had chewed up but when I tasted them I really liked them too.  George and my humans were amazed because as I said earlier I can be quite fussy with my food and if it doesn't look good I just refuse to eat it.

I hope I get these products again because they seem to be good for me and taste great.  George gave them the paws up too!

If you have a furry family member try these out - I bet they will like them too (woof, woof, bark, sniff)

PS: it is my birthday and I am 5 years old (your years not mine) and I am a very lovable Bichon Frisee. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to ask (My humans will pass any messages on to me).


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