Thursday, 7 June 2012

BBQ Wednesday

At a recent blogger event I learned how to make a simple, punchy Salsa Verde. Since I had some fresh basil to use I decided to make some Salsa Verde for dinner.  That was the easy decision but what to have with it took a bit more thought!

I took some chicken breasts out of the freezer and also some chipolata sausages (Mr R always has to have sausages when he cooks on his BBQ).  For Mr R's birthday in April he decided to use some of his birthday money to upgrade his gas BBQ. I must say the food seems to cook more evenly and is less prone to burning and charring on the new one.

Anyway I marinated the chicken breasts in some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and a couple of teaspoons of My Secret Kitchen Secret Spices with Wild Garlic. (The smell of garlic was mouthwatering).

For the vegetable I sliced a couple of courgettes into three thick slices and marinated in them in a little bit of lemon infused olive oil and salt and pepper. Usually I cut the courgettes into chunks for the grill but leaving them in slices meant they cooked a bit quicker  and went softer and sweeter. Add some boiled new potatoes with butter and dinner was prepared and ready to cook.

Mr R was almost finished cooking on his BBQ when his dad came to visit with my birthday present for the following day.  This was indeed a very nice surprise but it meant that dinner was late and not at it's best so I didn't take a final photo!

The dinner did taste good and most importantly of all was quick and simple to get ready in advance, leaving only the actual cooking to be done.


  1. oooh lovely. I wish the sun would come back so I could get to some barbecuing too

    1. we just continue to BBQ in the rain - can't wait for summer weather!