Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Give me Valium!!!

Mr R has a couple of days off so he is re-organising my larder cupboard!! He never cooks and never preps for the meal so he doesn't really need to enter the larder!

"Oh look what I found!" He screams. "Yeah I know it's there" I respond. And so it goes on. "Did you know we had these?" "Yes I knew" etc.

He did find a block of Valhrona dark chocolate (950gm) that I knew was there but had been looking for so that was a positive!

But it wasn't my agenda for today and I can't get on with other things so a bit grumpy!!

Looking forward to Mr R returning to work on Monday that's for sure! In the meantime someone please make me a coffee - l can't get to the kitchen!


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