Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Icecreamists

The Icecreamists - I was sent this book to review and was blown away by it. It is different from any other ice cream book.  The cover is dark and melodramatic yet enticing and is the creation of Matt O'Connor.  The definition of an 'Icecreamist' is someone who is addicted to or obsessed with ice cream.

There is an introduction which tells the tale of Matt's introduction to and journey into the world of ice cream along with a description of terms used and instructions on making the fantastic recipes.  The majority of ingredients are easy to source except maybe the breast milk!

I loved the descriptions of the flavours and the endless play on words of the titles of each recipe.  The Vanilla Monologues (Madagascan Vanilla), Priscilla Cream of the Dessert (White Chocolate), Gingiana Jones (Asian Spiced Ginger), Smack, Crack and Pop (Popcorn) and a couple dozen more plus recipes for sorbets and drinks too.  The most unusual perhaps being Baby GooGoo (made with breast milk)!

It is certainly a great conversation starter if you have this one on the coffee table. 

The book is published by Octopus Books and is priced at £16.99.

When we attended the Paralympics in London we spent the night in a hotel on The Strand and on our way home the following morning we were walking towards the underground station and we came upon a small shop - The Icecreamists.  How lucky was that - I could add this experience to my book review!

The shop wasn't open but staff were setting up outside so I asked if I could pop inside and take some photos  and told them about receiving the book and linking the two together.  Tim the Manager said I could have a look around and take a few photos.

As we were getting ready to leave Tim asked if I would like to taste a couple of the flavours.  Absolutely, would love to taste a couple.  As a guideline I always tast vanilla first.  This was a delight to the tastebuds, smooth and creamy and full of madagascan vanilla.

The second flavour I tasted was the peanut butter.  Wow, a pleasure to the mouth, creamy and peanutty but not overpowering.  A drizzle of chocolate sauce and this would have been the most sensual Reeses Peanutbutter Cup ever.

At Tim's suggestion I tried the Frisky Bison - apple and Bison Grass Vodka sorbet.  This one is made with apple juice and the Polish vodka Zubrowka with an undertone of cinnamon (I am sure you have seen the vodka with the blade of grass in the supermarkets)
Blue velvet chair to relax in front of a wall painting
The menu from the Covent Garden shop

A painting hanging in the Covent Garden shop

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