Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bailey's Pouring Creams

I really love all the Christmas food, much of which comes out only at this festive time of the year, the cold turkey (although I often cook a turkey for Easter Sunday), the pickles, chutneys and special cheeses.

However I do have a guilty pleasure! When the creams with alcohol are available I buy loads (they usually have long ‘use by’ dates) and revel in putting them on my puddings and desserts long after Father Christmas has been and gone!

What can equal a last minute mince pie early January slghtly warmed and a Bailey’s Extra thick cream poured over it!

Before Christmas this year I attended an event organised by Bailey’s Irish Cream featuring their range of creams with Bailey’s.  Bailey's Irish Cream is synonymous with winter and holidays and I was very pleased to discover their Original Pouring Cream and Original Extra Thick Cream.
We received an introduction to the creams and recipes to make two fun ideas for when entertaining over the holidays.

Not a great photo but my first attempt at burning the sugar with a little blow tourch on the creme caramel, I usually pop it under the grill.

We were taken through lots of possibilities of pudding making and encouraged to fall in love with puddings all over again.
These creams turn any ordinary pudding or dessert into a masterpiece!
If you are making a Tiramisu it is a great idea to use the creams giving it a wonderfully different edge to the traditional recipe.
  • Baileys Extra Thick Cream should only be consumed chilled, and not used in cooking
Don't forget to have the little Baileys minis in the fridge at all times over the holidays and beyond and the Baileys chocolates are a must!
I enjoyed attending this event and received samples of the creams.  Try them, I am sure you will love them too.

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