Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Making Shredded Beef with Aldi

Not that long ago Aldi advertised that they would be selling Wagyu beef in their store and it would be arriving on a stated date.  I was sent a voucher to go into my local store to get some to review.

When I got to the store that afternoon the store had completely sold out, the manager told me they had sold out the beef in 15 minutes of it being put on the shelves. I decided to use the voucher to buy a beautiful piece of 28 day mature beef, the meat we had bought previously from Aldi has always been great quality.
It might seem a bit strange to use the slow cooker to cook such a good quality beef but I figured if using a slow cook made a cheaper piece of meat into a lovely meal then using a really good piece of meat would make a delicious meal.

I wanted to keep it simple and make it tasty.  I only added some chopped carrots, onion and celery and a little bit of water along with simple seasonings.

We spent the day at the allotment and came home to a beautiful aroma as we opened the door.

When I opened the lid of the slow cooker I found the perfectly cooked beef which I was subsequently able to shred.
I added some of the cooked vegetables to a sauce pan, thickened and pressed through a sieve to make a gravy
and served this all over spaghetti for a really tasty, simple and convenient Saturday supper.
Many thanks to Aldi for the voucher to purchse this piece of beef.  I did not receive payment to review this and as usual all opinions and photos are my own.






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