Sunday, 17 August 2014

What's the best time for Sunday Brunch!

Any time Sunday morning is a great time for brunch at The Snug Bar!
I have already written about The Snug Bar in St Albans, telling you of their tasty menu, fun cocktail masterclasses and now this weekend we tried their brunch menu.
I had my 6 year old granddaughter staying for the weekend and she does like a nice breakfast so we braved the rain and headed off to try the menu.
Lizzie’s face was a picture when her hot chocolate arrived, topped with whipped cream and a couple of mini marshmallows on top. 
She did mention that there were only a couple of marshmallows but soon took back her statement as she stirred the hot mixture and found it was full of mini marshmallows – Oh joy!
Lizzie tucked into the Maple Pancakes with Bacon not leaving much on her plate!
Mr R and I both had the full breakfast although he had a poached egg and I had scrambled.  The plate was full of breakfast yumminess

You can get breakfast every day but there is something decadent and special about mid-morning on a Sunday, expecially a rainy one and you are tucked up inside eating a late and leisurely breakfast and drinking lovely coffee!

We were guests of The Snug Bar, St Albans but all the opinions and photos are my own.




  1. I think a cooked breakfast is sometimes a treat for dinner too.

    1. I have to agree with you there Jac - especially pancakes with maple syrup!