Friday, 28 August 2015

Noodle and Vegetable Stir Fry - Quick and Healthy Supper

You know the song 'It started with a Kiss' well our supper tonight started with a courgette!

It was going to be courgette and vegetable stir fry with noodles but ended up more like noodle and vegetable stir fry.

After meeting a fellow blogger in Soho I popped into a Chinese supermarket, bought some fresh bok choi, oyster sauce, ho fan noodles and egg noodles and a couple of lovely Chinese plates.
I alway prep all my vegetables first and try to cut them to similar size so that they can go into the wok in the right order and appropriate time so that everything is cooked to perfection. For this time I used the thinnest setting on my mandaline slicer.

Into the wok I added some cold pressed rapeseed oil I have from Borderfields oils. When this was very hot I added:-
One thinly sliced red onion
Two thinly sliced celery stalks
Three crushed garlic cloves
About 2" piece of peeled and grated ginger
One thinly sliced yellow pepper
One thinly sliced large courgette
Bottom of three small bok choi finely sliced
Lastly add the thinly sliced bok choi leaves

One small packet of ho fan noodles and one of egg noodles, rinsed in cold water and drained.
4 tablespoons of oyster sauce (bought in the Chinese supermarket).

Fry in the oil, stirring frequently.
When the vegetables are nearly cooked add the noodles and continue to stir until they are hot and taking some of the colour of the stir fry.  Add the oyster sauce and heat through.

Place in a pile on a pretty plate and serve!  Enjoy.


  1. You can't go wrong with a quick & healthy stir fry!
    Janie x

  2. I love adding noodles to stir fries.

  3. I go through phases of making stirfry every night - must be one of the ultimate convenience meals!

    1. I go for ages without doing a stir fry then remember how much I like them!

  4. Sounds delicious Heidi and a good use of courgettes - I'm assuming you are swamped!

    1. We are thankfully coming to the slow down now, so much pressure before.