Saturday, 20 February 2016

France: Calais via Eurotunnel - family day out

I usually get the Eurotunnel to France for the day a couple of times per year.  This year it was me, my son and my granddaughter who made the pilgrimage!

It is so easy to make the crossing across the English Channel without a wave or spot of feeling seasick in sight.  They keep the waiting to a minimum and before you know it you are looking out the window of the train and seeing French soil.

My son saw a reasonable price for the crossing which coincided with school half term and suggested that he, his daughter (nearly 8) and I have a day out, drink French coffee, fill the car with wine, beer and yummy cheeses for the next few weeks.

First stop, a quick coffee and for the Little Miss a hot chocolate - "this is the best" she said.
Many years ago the 'booze cruises' to the hypermarkets would just disembark from the ferries and head straight through Calais and out the other end.  So many times over the past 10-15 years we have stopped in Calais for coffee and have seen it change over time to the clean and modern town centre it is now.

Little Miss loved the dancing fountain on one side of the square (there was a Wednesday market going on in the centre of it)
This lovely couple were walking through the square!
After an early start to catch the Eurotunnel train we stopped in Calais square for a quick bite of 'frites'. They were just the way I like them, crispy and tasty.
The person in front of us had one heck of a 'chip butty'! The thought of this might stay with me for a long time, even spur me on to make a return trip sooner rather than later!
We saw similar signs in other restaurant windows too.  Your little dog is welcome in the restaurant whilst you dine but must stay under the table and not sit on the chairs or bother other diners.
We always walk and look at the menus outside the restaurants before deciding where to eat. We had eaten here - restaurant Histoire Ancienne before. We were not disappointed this time either.
So easy to fill up on this warm fresh bread.  I let my son have the taramasalata though, not one of my favourites!
We had a three course meal for 20.0 euros - My starter had it's own little pipette of dressing and was a white bean and pork terrine with hard boiled eggs on top and Thai flavours.
Main course a minced pork parcel with a rich mushroom sauce and little croquette potatoes and green beans.
Followed by a sort of deconstructed tart tatin but still very tasty!
Little Miss had crepes with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and home made chocolate sauce for her pudding - must say the chocolate sauce looked lovely on her smile!
We drove to Cite Europe, the large shopping centre next to the Eurotunnel after lunch spending some time browsing and stocking up with beer, cheese and other grocery store things. I love opening the kitchen cupboards and seeing things from all of my travels!

Last minute snack before heading back to the Eurotunnel terminal. There is always time for one more ....... !
All in all we had a great day out, feeling as we drove home that we had had a mini holiday.  The only thing to do now is eat the cheeses, drink the wine and plan the next trip!


  1. What a lovely outing .. the food also looks delicious.. must have been fun trip.

  2. It's nice to have a family day out!

  3. This sounds like a fab day out and avery nice treat for our granddaughter.

  4. It's always fun to take the Little People on a trip especially when they get to appreciate another culture and language.

  5. Never thought of going over for just a day, but why not, especially if you live close by. That chip nutty is amazing - maybe the French have taken on a few British eating habits after all ;) Lovely day out for you all.

    1. You can get loads done in a day, have a great lunch and do some shopping. We are about one and a half hours from the tunnel. Feels like a mini holiday

  6. It was great to read about your trip. It brought back some great memories. I still make that journey at least once or twice a year.

  7. We try to go at least once a year!