Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum - Pusser's Navy Rum

High above the rooftops in Camden is The Beach, at the Roundhouse.  Pusser's Rum held a tribute to 'Black Tot Day' here and I was invited to attend. Mr R loves a drop of rum too so I took him along.

You don't expect to find a beach in London especially not a rooftop beach but here it was with lovely white sand, beach huts and people playing volley ball.  Not out of place at all!!
The rum was flowing and all the cocktails being made in the Rum Shak contained Pusser's Rum

Ian Burrell, International Rum Ambassador held a quick masterclass in the art of cocktail making whilst we all had our own masterclass of rum cocktail drinking. 
Mr R came with me and I have the evidence he was having a good time!
Was Mr R a 'Drunken Sailor' or did he have a 'Sandy Bottom'? Delicious and easy to drink cocktails from the pop-up Rum Shack on the roof top. And all cocktails made with Pusser's Navy Rum's finest!
Black Tot Day is an annual remberence day held on British naval ships to remember the last day a daily ration of rum was given to the sailors. Previously each sailor had a daily ration of a 'tot' of rum as a perk for being couped up on a ship for months at a time.

Thanks to Pusser's Navy Rum for the invite to the beach.  All opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Nice post, thank you for sharing


  2. I do love a drop of rum and this was a fun event

  3. Wow, what a fantastic post you shared!! I just loved reading it. It was great seeing everyone enjoying Rum at the rooftop event venues. I really have desire to attend such a fun event with my friends. I hope I’ll get this opportunity soon!!

  4. That's what my life is all about - rum and fun! Glad you liked the post.