Sunday, 23 October 2016

My Top 7 Travel Tips

This is a list of my favourite travel tips - little things that help make the journey or time away from home a little more bearable!

1. Clear Glasses Cases
2. Condiments
3. Cosmetics
4. Be Prepared
5. Coconut Oil - A travellers best friend
6. Pack-A-Snack
7. Travel Essentials - travelling in comfort

A few travel tips from friends, fellow bloggers and family here for you too ......

Neil says " wear cargo shorts or cargo trousers - plenty of pockets to put your things in ready to hand" and "chill out - delays etc are out of your control so don't waste time worrying"!

Mr R never travels without his 'Puzzler' magazine.  He loves the range of puzzles and finds it great to do when you are not allowed electronic devices or smart phones or when there is little to no wifi or internet connections.

Choclette Ammar Travel as light as you can for easy manoeuvrability - take layered tops that are interchangeable and go with everything and suitable for every occasion.

Kavey always splits the money between her and her husband so if one gets theirs lost of stolen you still have some to tide you over.

Caroline makes a 'Busy Bag' for the children - a new bag with colouring books, crayons, reading book, small packets of sweets or snacks and a little toy along with a fruit drink to keep them busy on the journey. They really look forward to it at the start of a holiday.

Nayna says "I always take my fave shawl on the airplane to keep warm".

Becca Pusey Take some spare underwear in your hand luggage, just in case your suitcase gets lost!

Penelope Reader - If you have food allergies or healthcare needs, do a quick google translate of key words phrases and save them on your phone in advance. Saves stress & panic if you need them in an emergency

Do you have any favourite travel tips? Please feel free to leave yours in a comment below.


  1. Your travel tips are super useful... it's always good to be prepared like this.

    1. I hate travel chaos so I always like to be prepared.

  2. I always take coconut oil with me, it's a life saver on flights! Good tips all round.

  3. Great tips! I always end up forgetting important things when travelling. Never thought of taking coconut oil with me, but sounds like a great idea.

    1. I have to be organised when I travel - makes the flight much smoother.

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