Sunday 29 July 2012

My Inspirations!

Random Recipes #18 - July

I often read Dominic Frank's blog Belleau Kitchen but usually too late to enter his 'random recipes' competition.  This month however, it is a little different.  Take a photo of your cookbook collection and tell a little story about them.

I have an extensive collection of cookbooks, some I have bought over time and some sent to me by publishers to review for my blog. But whichever way they came to me they are all precious.

I have only taken photos of the main pile in the living room but I also have some on the small bookshelf under the TV and a big box full in my storage unit from my previous life, house, kitchen!

Part of my collection is extra special as they are signed by the authors.  I have been privileged to meet some outstanding chefs and cookery book authors and really value my signed collection. Some of the signed books include Prepped by Vanessa Kimbell, Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard, My Daddy Cooks - Nick Coffer, Desserts - James Martin, Everybody Everyday - Alex Mackay and these are just a few.

I will be taking my copy of Tart It Up by Eric Lanlard when I meet him next month to get that signed and add to the special part of the collection.

I hope one day to have them all signed and keep working on this mission as I go.  Hope you enjoyed this little interlude.


  1. wow!... look at all those signed books, how fabulous that youve met so many brilliant chefs, I am so jealous... love your Union jack cushion too... thanks so much for entering this month xx

    1. In my storage unit I have some signed by Delia Smith and other too.

  2. I do like the fact that you have a 'pile' of books - that's very pleasing. Now that I come to think of it, I do have some signed books but I feel that I've missed out. There are a few writers that I've met that I just didn't bother to get a signature from. I suppose the one I really regret missing is Keith Floyd. Best of luck with getting more of them signed.

  3. That’s a lot of cookbooks you got there, Heidi! It goes to show how much you love cooking! And I think it is a good idea that you take an inventory of your books before you store them in your storage space. Keeping a list or snapshot will help you keep track of your belongings. [Ericka Muldowney]