Thursday, 25 July 2013

HomeSense Opens in Watford

My favourite part of popping into TK Maxx is having a browse in the homewares department. However my local store doesn't have loads of space and the store near our large supermarkets doesn't have a homeware department at all.

HomeSense is a new range of store which is just the homeware department of TK Maxx! How fantastic is this? And just like their parent there is no stock room which means all the stock is out on the shop floor. This means when it is sold it is gone, there is no re-stocking.  If you see something you want you need to get it then and there!

I was invited to the opening of the Watford, Hertfordshire store and offered a £20.00 voucher to spend on anything I liked.  The opening day was manic and packed and whilst I loved the store I couldn't concentrate on what I wanted to buy and if I did there was also the question of the really long queue at the checkouts!

I decided to come back another time before the voucher I had expired and really glad I took this option.

The store was quiet enough to browse and pick up some treats for myself and best of all there was no queue and plenty of tills open.

After a really good look around and there were so many items to tempt me, I decided to buy a new house brush just because I had needed one for quite a while and it was as good a time as any.

I also chose two pieces of olive wood for presenting cheese, charcuterie, wraps, samosas and many other food items when entertaining.

This is really my kind of store and I can see a new gruve in the road to Watford being created! I shall be back HomeSense hope you are ready!

Many thanks to HomeSense for the invitation to their new store opening and for the vouchers to spend in store.

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