Sunday, 28 July 2013

Easy Summer Supper - Homemade Beef Burgers & Rice

This week my father-in-law stopped by our house on his way back from his butcher.  He brought me some of the fresh lean mince he had just had the butcher mince up for him.

My first thought was to pop it into the freezer but I remembered the burger press that I had and decided to make some home made beef burgers.

Years ago when my children were very little I bought a Tupperware burger press.  I have used this loads of times over the years and still do.

I only add some seasoning to the mince and then press a small amount in the press and pop them onto a tray whilst continuing to make more.

This week I just added salt and pepper, a little worcestershire sauce and some mixed herbs to the meat.  It made 5 burgers and we put them on the BBQ outside.

I cooked the burgers on one side and just before flipping them over I placed a piece of smoked back bacon on top. I flipped it over and cooked the bacon side. Just before serving I flipped them again and put a piece of cheddar cheese on each one and let it melt a bit.

I served the burgers with Tilda rice, a special limited edition created in conjunction with Dhruv Baker, Masterchef Winner 2010. Dhruv has created a smokey paprika, chipotle chilli, aromatic fennel and a touch of maple syrup for this versatile microwaveable rice. 

The rice cooks in 2 minutes and was ready as Mr R brought the burgers in from the BBQ.

Quick and easy supper with loads of flavour and hardly any washing up!!

Thanks to Tilda for sending me the Limited Edition BBQ rice to try.

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