Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Betty Crocker Birthday Cake

I have been making Betty Crocker cakes and bakes for years and recently my daughter came to visit for my birthday at the beginning of the month.  As a busy mum she didn't have time to make the cake at home but brought the mix and icing with her to make at mine.

Needless to say we were too busy to bake that weekend and this week I decided to bake this cake.

I have had loads of other cakes from Betty Crocker but this Victoria Sandwich (which is my favourite tea time cake) is relatively new.  Having eaten a lot of Victoria Sandwiches over the years I feel I am qualified to judge this one!

As in typical Betty Crocker style it was simple to prepare and baked perfectly.  However sometimes these mixes are a bit lumpy unless you use a mixer.  I used a new mixer that I have been sent called Masha.

The Masha is like a potato ricer and is designed to make the smoothest, creamiest mash potatoes but it is equally good for soups, baby foods and cake mixes.  It is like the typical stick blender but has a ring around it with small slits and like a ricer it pushes the mixture through these slits.

The Masha is lightweight and easy to clean.

I used the icing (frosting) from Betty Crocker and some raspberry jam for the middle of the cake and the icing for the top.  The cake was lovely and moist and everyone enjoyed it. Personally I prefer my own buttercream icing but wanted to try it this way.

But I still ate it!!

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