Sunday, 25 October 2015

Review: Pizza Express Winter Menu

I always love having a meal at my local Pizza Express. Pizza Express opened it's first restaurant in 1965 in London's Soho and have not changed their menu much whilst at the same time have kept it up to date and interesting.

The current menu includes the classics and has several new items added.

I went with Mr R for a quiet Saturday evening out together, something which doesn't happen often due to my hectic schedule.

For starters Mr R had the new Risotto Mio, lovely and creamy with mushrooms and a drizzle of truffle oil.
I had the new Calamari, rings of really tender squid covered in breadcrumbs and served with a Caesar dressing.  I almost expected to find an onion ring inside as I am used to calamari coming in chunks.
Mr R had the new Soho pizza designed to celebrate the original menu of 1965 and opted for the extra selection of cured meats. He picked the classic base not being that fond of the really thin pizza bases.
I wanted to have a new item but the Pizza Express Calzone is my all time favourite and I am afraid that I had to have one of those.
Calzone means pocket in Italian and this is a pizza that looks like an over sized pasty filled with tomato, salami, spinach, cheese and herbs. Mmmm, delicious as usual and far to big to finish so I have half of it to take home.
Mr R ordered the new mini potatoes from the menu and because it took a bit longer than the manager liked he brought us over a huge piece of mozzarella cheese covered in pesto and sweet mini tomatoes.
The Noci potatoes followed shortly and Mr R also called the Potato Monster got stuck in.
Dessert time and neither of us wanted a really heavy pudding.  The two new additions to the dessert menu were perfect.

Bombolini - little doughnut bites filled with strawberry jam surrounding a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream.
Salted Caramel Profiteroles - just three little filled profiteroles dipped in a caramel icing with little bits of honeycomb accompanied by a cafe late - the prefect way to end the meal and the evening.
All the while our waiter, Fabrizio looked after us perfectly, not ignoring us nor being too pushy and recommending his favourites as well.

We slowly waddled our way back to the car park feeling full and satisfied.

We were guests of Pizza Express and as usual all opinions and photos are our own.


  1. Looks delicious! Hehe potato monster!!

  2. Looks delicious! Hehe potato monster!!

  3. Salted Caramel Profiteroles sound amazing! You can always trust Pizza Express, shame I don't have one in my new town - you've got me hankering for one!

  4. That salad looks lovely and fresh. But, salted caramel profiteroles? Wow! They sound amazing.

  5. I love Pizza Express. Always good solid and reliable. Just a shame they no longer do 241 on a Wednesday before the cinema!

    1. I like Pizza Express every three or four months!

  6. can't wait for my next trip to London. The mozzarella with sweet tomatoes and pesto and the salted caramel profiteroles look soooooo yum.

    1. My favourite is the calzone, filled with loads of lovely things.