Monday, 26 October 2015

Time to Clean Up - Dyson V6: No strings attached!

What was James Dyson thinking when he first bucked the trend and designed a wheelbarrow with a ball instead of a tyre at the front? He wanted to create a product that served it's purpose better than anything else available.

After the wheelbarrow came the revolutionary vacuum cleaner.

A recent afternoon spent in London and I was introduced to the new Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner. This machine has110 revs per minute and twice the suction!
Mat from Dyson showing us the first Dyson vac motor - not looking too big
however look how small the new V6 motor is!! Hardly any size at all but loads of power.
Because the motor is in the handle all the weight is at that end enabling you to lift the V6 right up to the ceiling to even get those pesky and seasonal spiders.
|At the event cereal, rice and baking powder were sprinkled on a variety of surfaces and vacuumed up using the new Dyson V6 and each time and under each circumstance there was nothing left.
All of the adults loved the new machines however it was obvious it was 'child's play' cleaning up the show room!
Compact and cordless they don't take up much room and are available when you need them, all ready to go.
I was a guest of Dyson using the opportunity to get to know the new Dyson V6.  All opinions and photos are my own.