Saturday, 17 September 2016

Travel Tip 7 - Travel Essentials to Travel in Comfort

There are a few items that just help make travel a bit more comfortable.  Whether you travel by car, train or plane these little 'helpers' will be worth their weight in gold!

Travel Pillow:
I have a Tempur travel pillow that I take with me either in the car, plane  or on the train.  It comes in a little plastic case to keep it from getting dirty and if space is short I can just loop the case over the back of my hand luggage case. Sometimes I don't particularly like hotel pillows or just want something a bit softer next to my face and this little gem does the trick.
Mr R has one of those half circle travel pillows for his air travel. These keep your head from lopping from side to side and with a handy clip can attach to the outside of a bag or backpack to be at hand whenever you might need it.

I have just bought a new 'J' shaped travel pillow that has another 'arm' that rests under your chin.  I am going to give this a try on my next trip. This is a great one for children and I will be letting the 'Little People' give it a try on the next car journey.
I wouldn't consider leaving home without a travel pillow.

Wet wipes and tissues:
One of my pet hates is to use the toilet when travelling and there is no 'paper' available so a small packet of tissues is always in my handbag.  I usually take one pack for every day I will be away - there are always noses to wipe as well.

Wet wipes are now available to clean most things now and often come in smaller travel packs.  Baby wipes double up as adult wipes for sticky fingers

Bandana (scarf, face cloth & more):
On a trip I usually buy a new one of those 'cowboy' style hankies or bandannas.  I have a whole collection of colours and once home they become serviettes for BBQs and outdoor parties because they wash so well.
However on holiday they are so useful for many things.  As soon as I get a new one I will hand wash it to remove the protective coating.  Then it becomes a scarf, bandanna, cloth to wet to keep cool, face cover if the sun get too intense, something to wipe hands on if eating outside and so many more things.
I also take a really light but large scarf which can act as a bit of warmth around your shoulders or cover up if you arrive and it is chilly or need something a bit more elegant to add to an outfit whilst travelling.
These little tips just keep me feeling a bit more comfortable when travelling thus keeping me a bit happier which is a good thing!!

As usual all photos and opinions are my own. I was not paid to review any of the items in this post.


  1. I do everything with chocolate eat cook drink...and hide it so no one can find it hehe

  2. I do everything with chocolate eat cook drink...and hide it so no one can find it hehe

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