Friday, 16 November 2012

Bright Lights & Bright Colours for Kenwood

Kenwood , a household name in kitchen mixers and everyday appliances have introduced a very vividly coloured range of some of their kitchen products like kettle, toaster, hand mixer, kmix food Mixer and more.  This bright range comes in orange, magenta, green, yellow and blue. 

To celebrate this range Kenwood invited a group of food bloggers to an event which they held at the Waitrose Cookery School in North London.  The dress code was 'wear bright colours' and as we arrived it was made clear why.  Even the cocktails were bright colours!

After cocktails we were invited into the lecture theatre for a quick run through how we were going to make macarons!  I had never made these before so I was both excited and a little scared.  We paired up and my friend Ren and I got ready to work together and make our macaron.  All of the ingredients were weighed out and ready for us and each table had a different food colour.  We had pink.

We were going to use the Italian Meringue method which involves heating water and sugar to 114oF then adding it to the egg whites we were simultaineously whipping in our brightly coloured kMix food mixer. This was then mixed into an ground almond mixture and put into a piping bag.  We then pipped onto the sheet baking pans and into the oven.

Heating the sugar syrup before adding to the egg whites.
Egg whites whipped and ready to be mixed with the almond mixture.
Baked and cooling.

When the circles cooled they were sandwiched together with a flavoursome icing and placed on plates to join all the other team's on the counter top.
Our baby pink finished macarons.
Everyone's finished macarons up for display.
After all that hard work a drink and quick snack before home time.

We were given a box of everyone's different flavour and colour meringues and a fantastic 'goodie bag' to take home with lots of lovely baking items and the invitation to pick something from the coloured range to have sent to us the following week.  A very generous offer - thanks Kenwood!!
Just trying to get a thermometer and I will be using my kMix food mixer to make some at home!


  1. I love the "bright" theme. We went to a Neon party once and it was so much fun. Your Macarons look lovely - though not very vibrant, given the theme. Have you done any of the courses at that school? Are they any good?

  2. How pretty your pink macarons are! I also really enjoyed making macarons. It was a great evening and lovely to see you!