Monday, 5 November 2012

Food at 52

Do you love a bargain? Want value for money? Let me introduce you to Foodat52, London's value for money cookery school if ever there was one!!

A quiet moment before the buzz begins!!

New Year's Eve 2011, I made a couple of New Year's Resolutions. The one I am going to share with you now was to attend 3-6 cookery lessons during the year.  The resolution is going well and I have had some great experiences meeting fantastic chefs and cooks and learning some great tips.   One of the expeeriences was to attend the Italian Cooking Class at Foodat52 a few weeks ago.  At a cost of £115.00 for a full day course this was a very exciting prospect indeed. (some schools are charging this for an evening or morning course)

On arrival at their new premises (John and Emily used to run the school from their own home kitchen near Kings Cross but now have a purpose built premises near Old Street Underground Station) we were welcomed by John and his cooking assistant for the day Sage.  The menu for the day was written on the extra large mirror on the wall.  We were going to make a fantastic feast and at the end of the day sit down to eat together what we had prepared.

John (left) and his assistant Sage

The menu was written on a huge, imposing mirror including
Amaretti Semi-freddo which we enjoyed at the end of the lesson.

The biscotti making which we used for the ravioli.

The plan was to sit down to eat about 2:30 so to keep us going we made a quick tagletelli and tomato sauce.  Yes, I said 'we made pasta'! Until this day I had never made my own pasta even though I own two pasta makers!

We went from this:-

to this:

All ready to serve!
in no time.  It really was much easier than I had imagined and not nearly as messy as I thought it would be. And it didn't really last very long!!

Didn't last long!

Butternut Squash & Biscotti Ravioli with sage and lemon dressing

Learning to use a pasta machine to make the pasta for the ravioli

Butternut Squash & Biscotti Ravioli with sage and lemon dressing

Melanzane Parmigiana ready to go into the oven

Then ready for tasting! Yummm my favourite

All the utensils one could possibly need
Everything was whisked away and cleaned ready to use again
Using our newly learned chopping skills we prepped everything for a recipe

John (left) was always on had to offer advice

Food at 52 has a wide range of courses and I  am looking forward to the next one I can take. they are fun, you learn lots in a hands on situation and make new friends.  Don't delay book your place on one of these award winning courses.

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