Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Chia Seed Challenge Update #1

A couple of weeks ago I started taking chia seeds each morning (Chia Bia provided them to me) and agreed to have some each day for approximately 12 weeks.  The reason I decided to give it a three month trial is because I usually get these new fangled ideas and they only last a few days or a week or two.  I really wanted to give this challenge a decent amount of time to see if there were really visible health benefits.

Well so far I have had chia seeds each morning for breakfast. I usually have them with Total Greek Yoghurt or porridge oats.  One day I did make a salad dressing and sprinkled the seed in to it.

The first week I usually took the whole seeds but this week I tried the milled seeds with natural blueberries.  The blueberries are the low bush variety or wild blueberry fro Newfoundland where they are free of pesticides and are righ in natural pigment, are anti-oxidant and been attributed to the long life and wellness of indigenous natives around the artic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

What have I noticed so far? Well I don't know if it is my imagination but I do have a lot of lower back pain and this hasn't been so painful in the last week or so.  When I walk the dog my back hasn't seemed to hurt whilst walking either.  Watch this space.

I have not noticed bags more energy so far but I havn't had so many afternoon naps or felt so washed out at the end of the day so this could be a possible effect.  I really want to take them for a longer time to see if this effect is intensified.

In the last post I said I would give you some facts about the seed in each update.  I want to start with the seeds themselves.

They come from a plant which is a species (relative) of the mint family and are native to Mexico and South America..  They are now cultivated for commercial purposes and have many health purposes and benefits such as:-

They are high in Omega 3, a major nutrient that contributes to brain growth  which is vital for mental and emotional growth.  Your body cannot make the essential Omega 3 fatty acids so you have to get them from your food.  We are advised to eat at least three portions of oily fish per week to help get the level of Omega 3 we need but it is surely easier to get the from the chia seeds. 

Getting enough Omega 3 in your body helps to prevent a large number of ailments such as high blood pressure, improved circulation, joint pain. Omega 3 helps to boost the immune system and aid in children's neurological development.

Chia Bia claim that Chia is the highest known plant based source of Omega 3 on the planet.  I know I don't eat enough oily fish each week so I am comforted that I have now started to get a regular source.

In my next update I will be giving more info and benefits of the chia seeds.  If you cannot wait till then have a look at Chia Bia's website for a full explanation and how to get hold of the seeds to try them yourself.

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