Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Market Day & Cookbooks

Today a group of St Albans bloggers met for coffee in a local bakery-cafe (Bakehouse St Albans) for the first St Albans Cookbook Club.

Food Blogger and friend Ren Behan had the idea to get together with other local food bloggers and all bring a cookbook to talk about and recommend.

Today's theme was Festive books and there were quite a few on the table.

We talked, drank coffee, ate cake and chilled out for a couple of hours (perfect way to spend time).

Happily and with fond farewells we went our seperate ways and will get together again next month!

On my way back to the car park I walked through the market in the town centre. I just couldn't resist the bowls of chilli peppers and mixed peppers for £1.00 per bowl!

Not sure what I will do with them yet but had to buy some!! Hope Mr R likes it hot!!


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