Monday, 21 January 2013

Farmhouse Breakfast Week with 'Shake Up Your Wake Up'

Breakfast  the most important meal of the day, but it often gets skipped or becomes a high sugar intake which does not satisfy you all morning. Farmhouse Breakfast Week is 20th-26th January, 2013 and I have been asked to think about and create some tasty breakfast meals for me and Mr R. 

I have been guilty of skipping breakfast for many years but have been trying to change that for the last 6 months or so. To get inspired I have been sent a breakfast box containing Denhay Farm’s award winning bacon  made using only British outdoor bred pork, cured by hand with sea salt and matured slowly. Denhay's bacon rashers are full flavoured and succulent.

Although bacon is an integral part of the great British breakfast 5 million people eat sausages every day.
 spoiltpig sausages are produced using pork approved by Freedom Food to strict RSPCA welfare standards. 

Clarence Court eggs are free range with superior flavour and quality. The are free to roam and forage and lead a happy and health chicken life!

For our Sunday morning breakfast I made us creamed mushrooms (with some chopped onion and parsley and a splash of Tabasco sauce) which I put on top of ready made potato cakes and Denhay bacon. On top of the creamed mushrooms I sat a couple of poached eggs and served them with some Tracklements Salsa on the side.  Very filling and a nice idea for a lazy lunch.

This morning we had what I call French Toast but I think the English call Eggy Bread which I served with maple syrup (an essential accompaniement) and some Spoilt Pig sausages.

Mr R is certainly enjoying these breakfast treats ( he is currently on holiday today and tomorrow) and I am thinking blueberry pancakes tomorrow morning with Denhay bacon.

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  1. OK, who says bacon is not part of the great British breakfast? It's certainly a constant feature of what everyone these days calls "A Full English".

  2. I say it is an integral part of the great British breakfast!!