Saturday, 12 January 2013

One Ingredient - 3 Recipes (Grey-Poupon Dijon Mustard)

Grey-Poupon Dijon mustard dates back to 1777 (a year after the American Independence) and quickly became one of France's most outstanding and popular mustards.  Today Grey-Poupon is known as the finest!

With ingredients such as water, mustard seeds, white wine, salt and citric, acid this mustard is a smooth, silky addition to any recipe.

I was challenged to come up with three recipes using this and/or the wholegrain version.  That is not really hard for me because I use these products in my cooking all the time.

My first recipe is a slow cooked turkey thigh.  I went to buy some chicken breasts at the supermarket and they were offering four small chicken breasts for £3.25 but they had a turkey leg and thigh on special offer at £3.00.This was a no brainer really, cook the leg for the dog and put the thigh in the slow cooker so that when I came home from Paris I would have a hot meal ready and waiting.

I sliced up two onions, four carrots and two sticks of celery and popped them in the slow cooker. I placed the turkey thigh on top of them and added my seasonings and flavourings.  I added Lemon & Chipotle Sea Salt, ground pepper, a Knorr gravy pot, 3 Tablespoons of Grey-Poupon wholegrain mustard and covered with water and a little white wine.  Mr R popped the heat on about 09:30 (whilst I was languishing on the train to Paris!) and that was all.  When I got home we had a meal ready!

My second recipe was just as easy and quick.  The jar of Grey-Poupon Dijon Wholegrain mustard had about 2Tbsp left in it so I added 2Tbsp honey (the one I used this time was a honey with ginger from Ireland) mixed the two together and poured over the apple and sage sausages in a bowl.  Marinated for about 25 minutes then onto a piece of stoneware and cooked in the oven 180o for about 25 minutes. Sticky and mustardy sausages ready for tea time!

From this:-

To this:-

With this:-

Next for New Year's Day at my daughter's house we had a gammon to roast. I mixed wholegrain mustard with Highbanks Orchard Syrup, a concentrated apple syrup and covered the top of the gammon with it, baked it in the oven for about 3.5 hours and let it rest out of the oven for about 15 minutes before slicing.

Any juices that seeped out of the gammon I poured into the pan with the mustard glaze and added a little of the vegetable water to make a bit of a sauce to serve. We served it with scalloped potatoes (basically thinly sliced potatoes, onions, salt and pepper and butter knobs on top. A mixture of half milk and half single cream poured over the top and cooked in the oven at 180o for about 1.5-2 hours till the potatoes are soft enough to take a sharp knife.

Now all three of these recipes coincidentally used the wholegrain Dijon mustard so I will be coming back with some recipes using the original Dijon mustard.

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  1. Yep, this is definitely one of our store-cupboard staples!