Thursday, 3 January 2013

Simple & in Season - Nourishing Soup

We all had the cold-flu virus this Christmas and getting over it completely is proving hard.  It saps your energy and takes away your appetite and you feel completely drained.

Knowing we need to eat nourishing food but not wanting to spend ages in the kitchen and also needing something easy on the digestion I turned to the ever popular home made soup.

Last week I made stock from the Christmas turkey which was absolutely delicious and used that to make my favourite celery soup. Mugs of this at intervals kept us eating good vegetables and nourishment but without feeling full and bloated.

Yesterday I made a quick and frugal soup.  A late evening visit to our local supermarket and I bought two packs of the mixed vegetables (carrot, cauliflower and broccoli) which had been reduced to 10p! Followed by a quick look in the fridge and  a couple of tomatoes coming to my attention I made a soup with these. 

I used a vegetable stock cube and the usual salt & pepper and a small amount of Gran Luchito mexican chilli - just enough for some warmth and smokey flavour.

A bowl of soup and buttered toast made a great working lunch today. I sprinkled a few Mini Boursin cubes on top and enjoyed!


  1. The soup looks delicious Heidi especially with the boursin mini's on top, I don't think I've ever seen those so will have to invest I think!

  2. Can you get medecine like that on prescription?? I don't think my local pharmacy (aka Spar shop)stocks it! :)