Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Time to Go Out Shopping in the Snow!!

A couple of times a year I like to use up what is in the freezer, cupboard and shed storage to ensure everything is replenished regularly and as fresh as possible.  To this end I have been making some unusual meal combinations but so far everything has been really tasty as I do have a wide selection of ingredients and spices to call upon.

Well with the current dump of snow we have recently had I have not been out shopping for the required fresh ingredients lately but I think today really is the end of the line.

Mr R is having a few days off as holiday and he does love soup for lunch (lately I have been having my lush soup creations for lunch all by myself!). Mr R also was moaning last night that when you buy broccoli you get so much stalk which is a waste.  Not at all, the stalk makes a good start to a broccoli + soup.

I didn't have any onions but found a couple of spring onions lurking in the veg drawer along with half a tomato, clove of garlic and a couple of sad looking stalks of celery.  Perfect start so get that cooking in a little oil/butter combination whilst I finely chopped up a small piece of chorizo the broccoli stalks and three small mushrooms.  When this had been cooking for about 5 minutes I added stock to the pan, a couple of charlotte potatoes and some broccoli florets.  Let this simmer away for about 20 mins, cool and whizz up with my kMix Tri-blade Hand Blender (extra useful for small amounts of soups and sauces).  Season with salt and pepper and some chilli and away you go - a really lovely, warming and inexpensive lunch!

I gave Mr R some to taste and he immediately went to the kitchen, poured himself a huge bowlful and with a tower of bread and butter sat down to lunch.

It didn't last long!

Guess I will get myself some!!

What is your favourite winter soup? If you have any good soup stories or recipes let me know and we can link up at the end of February!

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