Monday, 5 August 2013

A party For Your Feet With Skribbies

Although I am primarily a food blogger, from time to time I have experiences with the grandchildren that are worthy of report!

I was invited to an event in Central London in the sweltering heat at a pop-up shop where we attended a Skribbies party. I took my daughter and two grandsons and the 4 year old had a ball!

There was colouring, face and body painting and most importantly the best trainers I have ever seen!

Boy G was given a pair to try then and there but also he could take them home with him.

Imagine permission to colour on your new white trainers! Skribbies are trainers you colour on (with special pens) and wipe off ready to decorate again!  Each pair comes with 6 pens, a wristband to wipe off the colour and stickers.

The best part from my perspective is that they are also good looking and they must be comfortable because Boy G won't take them off!!

Boy G was 'made up' when he got to meet one of his characters from cbeebies - Sid! Boy G wanted to know how Sid got out of the telly to come to the event!

I was also given a pair to take home for my 5 year old granddaughter to have when she comes to stay with me in a couple of weeks!

Have a look at their website and you will see they all come in white with either pink, navy blue or neon black trim. 

At £35.95 they are a special treat but worth the smiles every time!!

For more info have a look at my daughter's blog too. You can also find Skribbies on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks Skribbies for a great pair of trainers!

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