Thursday, 1 May 2014

Celebrating Easter with Total Greek Yoghurt

I always love being invited to Total Greek Yoghurt's events. This time, just before Easter we met at Cafe Caldesi Cooking School in London to cook a Greek meal created by Tonia Buxton to create family Greek Easter recipes for the modern day family.
Tonia is very animated when she talks about the food she loves and how and where she got her love of cooking from.
There was plenty of wine to drink and these two are Greek wines, the rose was fruity and fresh
And the red wine was full bodied and dark fruit such as plums and blackberries were very much in evidence.
We worked in teams and the three of us on my team shared the jobs.  Fiona MacLean of London Unattached and Manjiri Chitnis who writes Slice of Me.

As you would expect all of the recipes featured Total Greek Yoghurt. To make a Greek Style Yoghurt it takes 1 litre of milk to make 1 litre of yoghurt however to make 1 litre of Total Greek Yoghurt you need to start with 4 litres of milk. This is how it turns out so thick and creamy, never watery, and perfect for both sweet and savoury recipes.

All the ingredients prepped for the sea bream starter which was all cooked very quickly on the stove in a frying pan. Lovely and fresh flavours.
In our teams we made minted lamb patties with roasted vegetables

We ate our complete meal with the addition of a Greek side salad and a 'Greek ketchup' - tahini and Total Greek Yoghurt sauce with garlic and lemon juice.

And finally a typical Greek Easter dessert Avocreama. A filo pastry sheet baked then roughly broken to make the crunchy layers and the creamy layers a mixture of Total Greek Yoghurt and nuts and fragrant flower waters.
Many thanks to Total Greek Yoghurt for a fun day of cooking and learning about Greek Easter food traditions and how to make them modern.
I was not paid a fee to attend or to write a blog post. All opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Looks like a great event. I love Total and I always enjoy working with them :)

  2. I'm so jealous, it sounds like you had a lovely event. I cook with Total yoghurt all the time and would love the chance to cook with Tonia, she's so glam and prepare amazing looking food.

  3. Tonia knows so much about her Greek cooking heritage - she is loads of fun too!