Monday, 19 May 2014

Spanish Olives with Omar Allibhoy and Foodat52

I was very happy to be invited to cook with the brilliant young Spanish chef, Omar Allibhoy recently along with Olives are It. Omar Allibhoy is a Spanish chef on a mission to bring Spanish food and its culture to the UK. I have cooked with Omar three or four times before and always learn something. He is very knowledgable and good fun.
The evening was held at Foodat52 in Clerkenwell, London, a venue I know well and always love attending cooking classes there. I was the first guest to arrive and because the pudding would need a bit of time to set Omar suggested he and I get on with preparing that one. Private lesson - priceless!
Stawberries and black olives gently poaching

When the other guests turned up we proceded to make the rest of the meal.  There were bowls of olives to nibble on whilst we worked to keep our strengths up!

Omar kept a watchful eye on us as we created his recipes offering lots of hints and tips.
The meatballs were in the oven so we started on the sauce!

Working in pairs.

Musells cooking with green olives

And on the plate ready to sample

I think my overall favourite recipe was the meatballs but loved all of it!

I am looking forward to the next cooking session with Omar! If you are in Westfield Shopping Centre or BlueWater check out Omar's restaurant Tapas Revolution
I was a guest of Olives are It and all opinions and photos are my own.


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