Saturday, 10 May 2014

Discover e-cloth range for pets - A Guest Post by Jonty

Woof, woof, Bark. Sniff, Sniff - oh sorry I always forget you don't talk dog!

E-cloth invited my mum to discover their range of house hold cleaning cloths and tools (this year they have been around for 20 years - that's a lot of dog treats!) and she discovered that they also had a range to look after me with!

I hate being wet and this dog towel should dry me super fast. 

I wasn't expecting to have to suffer the humiliation of you seeing me getting dried though! Woof!

If you have a human that loves you like my mom loves me, you want to hope they bring one of these towels or grooming mats home for you.  Personally I am waiting to see if they bring me the Home & Travel Bed.

My mom wasn't paid to bring me these things home or to write about them and all opinions are either mine or hers!

- PS it's my birthday next month if you want to send cards or presents!




  1. awww, happy birthday jonty, I'm sure you are going to get SO many treats its just not true!

  2. Oh you're georgous!! My Glam pooch would love one of these. He hates puddles and the rain despite being a butch looking Boxer! Great tip, I'm off to the pet shop. GG

    1. Jonty really hates the rain and the bath - so glad we now have a great towel to dry him off!

  3. Nice post Heidi - what a brilliant towel.

  4. Anything to help dry Jonty is a great tool to have!!