Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Office Tea Party with Monkey and PG Tips!

I was sent a hamper of tea from PGtips to introduce me to their new range of fruit, herbal and green teas.  So many times in the past I have fanced a fruit tea and pouring the boiling water onto the tea bag gives an awesome aroma but very often the taste doesn't follow through.  To that end I was interested to try the new range from PGtips.

It was suggested that I could hold a tea party with my friends and we could all try the teas together. Work and other commitments mean I don't have a lot of free time and this got me thinking I could bring the teas into work and we could have a work tea party.

Everyone was really interested in the selection and in some cases came back to try more than one flavour. You can see Monkey came along to make sure everyone had a great cuppa!

My favourite flavour is the Smooth Red Bush and Vanilla, a South African Red Bush tea with a hint of vanilla. Red Bush tea is a great way to keep hydrated and is caffeine free.

Other teas in the basket were Fresh Peppermint, Juicy Red Berries, Aromatic Spices & Mint, Pur Green, Vibrant Mandaring Orange flavour Green Tea, Fragrant Jasmine flavour Green Tea (my second favourite), Juicy Raspberry (a really strong smell of raspberry as the hot water hits the tea bags), Delicate Camomile and Zesty Lemon flavour Green Tea.

Tracy loved the Jasmine and said how refreshing it was.

Janet was spoilt for choice and came back for a different flavour later on. Helen tried the Jasmine and Red Bush with Vanilla.

Angela went for the Raspberry and said how fruity and raspberryish it was.

And finally, Dr Magda said they were perfect to unwind with!
Thank you PGTips for my great tea hamper. I did not receive any payment to review this tea or write this review. 


  1. I'm betting you were popular at work with this lovely selection of teas! I have to admit to generally being a bit boring about my choice of tea, strictly builders with milk. I really should branch out and try some of the wonderful teas that around!

    1. I like the South African Red Bush - very refreshing and re-hydrating!

  2. I love tea and PG is one I drink all the time.I have never tried the fruit ones though.

    1. They certainly have a wide range of fruit and green teas.