Monday, 3 December 2012

Chocolate Week with Lindt

In honour of Chocolate Week I was sent some of Lindt's new Creation range to try (hard job isn't it!!)  I must admit to being a recovering chocoholic and was able to photograph and write about the chocolate before demosishing it!

Lindt & Sprungli have been Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845 and are synomous with luxurious and velvety chocolate.

This new Creation range is sumptuous, luscious and velvety.  Let's start with my favourite: Luscious Caramel.  This is a milk chocolate covering a smooth silky, golden caramel centre. It is an extra fine milk chocolate with a truffle and caramel centre and melts easily in your mouth.

Then I tried the Velvety Vanilla Almond with Caramel.  This is an extra fine milk chocolate with a melting vanilla flavoured centre, caramel sauce and fine almond pieces.  You bite in and your mouth is covered in silk and then you start to find little pieces of almond as your tongue starts to move around!

Sumptuous Orange is a dark chocolate with an indulgent heart filled with zesty orange pieces wrapped in a rich dark chocolate. A very upmarket chocolate orange!

Great with a cup of coffee or fantastic 'stocking fillers'!!

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