Monday, 3 December 2012

Quick Prep with Tefal Fresh Express

You may have seen the recent deluge of TV advertising for the Tefal Fresh Express.  It is small and brightly coloured so has lots of kitchen appeal and does slicing, dicing and shredding in record time.

I was intrigued by this new baby of a prep machine and was delighted to receive one from Tefal to try, review and write about.

It really is compact and I love how the chopping blades fit so neatly together with a clip on outer holder. The cord fits neatly inside so you don't have a problem with it hanging out dangerously whilst on a counter top or in a cupboard.

Put together with the clear drum holder clipped in place
There are five brightly coloured drums, one for thick slicing, one for thin slicing.  Another one thickly grates and one for thin grating and the final one for very fine grating such as parmesean and chocolate.  There really isn't much you can't slice or grate with this little beauty!

All five of the drums

I initially tried slicing courgettes, onions and celery. The courgettes sliced beautifully and will look fantastic in my quiche for dinner. 

Very thinly sliced courgettes

I thought the onions were a bit difficult but I think sometimes they have more moisture than other times of the year and the one I used were a bit difficult.  On the other hand the celery sliced just perfectly. 

I am expecting this machine to be a great boost over the Christmas holiday with all the prep needed to feed friends and family.  My son is keen on borrowing this from me as he and his wife follow a Slimming World eating plan and he is planning on getting one eventually.

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