Monday, 10 December 2012

My Chia Bia Seed Challenge - Update #2

I have been taking the Chia Bia seeds for a couple of months now and I am still loving taking them for my breakfast every day.

I have just finished a pack of the milled seeds with wild blueberries.  I think I really prefer the whole seeds.  I like the texture of the whole seeds better.  The milled seeds are perfect for smoothies and shakes however.

How have the seeds helped me lately? Well I usually take a while for a cold to come out, feeling grotty then better then grotty and so on until the cold comes out fully.  I haven't had a cold for ages but recently started getting those feelings that one was coming.  Eventually it started but this time each stage has been very mild and gone on to the next one very quickly.  At this rate it should all be over in a few more days.  I think taking the seeds on a daily basis has helped my immune system to cope with the many germs flying by.

I usually have my seeds first thing in the morning in my Total Greek Yoghurt which also has health benefits and may be working overtime with the seeds to promote good immune systems.

Also the chia seeds are supposed to promote good joint health amongst other things.chia seed benefits

Mr R commented the other day that I don't seem to have that lower back pain recently and this got me thinking to when I walk the dog as well.  In the past after a a few minutes on our morning walk I would have spasms in my lower back and the muscles in my legs.  Recently I have been walking the dog and not felt any pain or discomfort at all.  Guess those seeds are working!!

(above diagram taken from Chia Bia website)

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