Saturday, 29 December 2012

Jordan Country Crisp Super Berry

Jordans have been flour millers for over 150 years and in 1972 brothers Bill and David Jordan began making cereals from their mill in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire and one of my favourites has always been Original Crunchy and now Country Crisp.

All their products are grown on a nature friendly Conservation Grade (TM) British farms which ensures that bees, birds and butterflies can survive. Jordans are also ensuring that British farms and rural communities have a sustainable future.

Recently I was sent a box of their new Country Crisp Super Berry (RRP £2.69 for 500g box) to try.  Mr R does like his cereals for breakfast so I had to be quick to have some for my breakfast the other morning!

It is really nice enjoying your breakfast and knowing it is healthy and cares for the countryside too.

When you pour the milk on your bowl of Country Crisp Super Berry it is a hard decision whether to eat immediately whilst the clusters are really crisp or wait a few minutes for the fruit to re-hydrate and become soft.  Today I went for the latter option and waited till the milk went light blue and the berries were soft but I was delighted to see that the clusters were still crunchy!

You know what this means? I will have to get earlier than Mr R to make sure I can have some of this luscious cereal for my breakfast tomorrow!

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