Monday, 17 December 2012

Virtuous Lunch!

I hate waste and I work from home. Today I needed something warming for lunch but didn't want to give up too much working time.  So the answer was simple.

I always feel very virtuous when I use up left overs or the last small amount too good to throw away.

Today I put some pasta spirals on to boil thus using up the last bits of pasta in the bag.  Whilst this was cooking I found a few slices of salami from my trip to Paris last week. I chopped them up and put into a small frying pan then added one chopped tomato, letting this cook 3-4 minutes then 2 tsp pesto and the last few pieces of a soft cheese I also bought in Paris last weekend.  A sprinkle of My Secret Kitchen Lemon & Chipotle Sea Salt and Secret Spices Wild Garlic and when the pasta finished cooking and was drained I mixed the sauce on top.

The result was a warming and yummy lunch, quick and simple.


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